Break ground with ease
The tilling shaft is equipped with four to eight flanges, depending on the model. Flanges on all series are available with four tines, and six tines per flange are standard on the 65 series. This provides on optimum balance between performance and durability, even in heavy soils and when breaking untilled soil.

Set the right depth
Standard on all Farm King Rotary Tillers, the skid shoes are adjustable so it is easy to set the perfect tilling depth.

Low maintenance, long life
The automatic chain tightener is standard on all models. This ensures the chain remains tight even under the toughest tilling conditions. Housed within a sealed oil bath, the chain tightener is designed to be reliable and maintenance-free.

Get closer to the edge
Getting close to the fences, hedges or covering a tire track is easy with the sideshift feature. The entire unit can be pushed to one side, while the PTO shaft remains in line with the tractor to minimize stress on the universal joint. The sideshift feature is available on the 45 Series and model 6572.